Island Alone game

Hello everyone:) I would like to share my first published game. It’s a “hard survival platformer” called “Island Alone”, In which you need to survive for 30 days on island.
You need to run fast, look for food and water, because without this the forces will quickly leave the player …
Please let me know what you think. Is it too hard?
Game files:
Game online:


And there is one bug:(. It turned out to reduce the likelihood of its occurrence. But until it turns out to be fixed… Sometimes after jumping from a tree(Ladder), the player continues to jump on his own in an endless loop. It is possible to stop it only by pressing the left shift. This seems to be a problem for the Ptatformer character+Ladder platform(indirectly shaped) …


tRAiler was cool…

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Stranded Deep meets Dora. :grinning:
Good job on the trailer. :clap: I’ll try the game later.

:smile::+1: This may be the second name of the game :slight_smile:

It’s super hard :sob:
Never saw day 3 :see_no_evil:

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Ok. Thank you for your time. I will try to do it a little less hard :slight_smile:

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Very cool, one of the best GDevelop games I played. I like the simple graphical style. It’s fun to try but it is very, very hard, I only hit day 2 so far, woke up with 20 hp and died almost immediately. Not even sure how to make a tent yet.

An easy mode with much more hp to start and if it was possible to make it so you don’t keep restarting from the very beginning when you die. Maybe a checkpoint system or something, at least on the easy mode. Also, I wasn’t sure why I kept dying at the beginning, so when you put the GAME OVER screen, maybe if you add an explanation underneath, pointing to the stat on the HUD display. “You died because sleeping without a tent you ran out of vitality.” or something like that.

Anyway… very impressive game man, I look forward to trying an easier version :+1: :

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It is very nice to know that someone liked your creation :+1:
On, I already uploaded new game files. But Some kind of problem with uploading a new version to In other words, on still has a very hard version :slight_smile: A bit more resources have been added in the new version, I think this should be enough … But maybe I’m mistaken again :slight_smile: (I don’t want to give too many resources so that the game loses the “atmosphere hard survival ").
To build a tent, you need to collect 10 bushes of nipа, that grow throughout the island, but most of all in the swamp, on the right side of the island (I need to add this information to the description of the game).
About checkpoints. I even wanted to add it to the trailer: “Without Saves”. For different reasons. First, this is again a certain atmosphere of survival … And the game is “short” :slight_smile:
As a result of the information displayed on the Game Over page, when the player dies, it is displayed when the player dies at night, but maybe this is not obvious :frowning: There are wind icons, rain, under water, tents (if the player fell asleep in it), I’ll think about how this can be improved.

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Already uploaded to the Kongregate too

I played it on kongregate and there are some problems. If you press space to jump the page will scroll down. This isn’t gamebreaking because you added an alternative jump button (I wouldn’t use shift for an important button though, pressing it repeatedly on windows will open a window). But if you want to fix it you could just do the following at the beginning of the scene:

window.onkeydown = function (event) {
if (event.keyCode === 32) {

and the same for the arrow keys, because if the page is scrollable they will scroll the page to!
In it’s current form it is very hard to play it in a browser.

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I wanted to do something similar, but then “solve” this problem by adding the fullscreen function.
But it would be great to make it work and not in full screen mode. Thanks you.

I use Chrome instead of Firefox to avoid this problem.

I really don’t think you can expect the player to switch to a different browser just to play your game though. Especially given the nature of browsergames. 1% might do it but you’ll lose the other 99% :confused:

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I’m not asking anyone, just talking as a player. :wink:

As a gamemaker, I chose other buttons. I also avoided wsad because it’s actually zsqd on French keyboards.

Interesting, now I will know

Added a fix for space and arrow keys(for some browsers in not full screen mode)


Just edit your html file and add:

window.addEventListener("keydown", function(e) {
    // space and arrow keys
    if([32, 37, 38, 39, 40].indexOf(e.keyCode) > -1) {
}, false);
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Added a game to Google Play:
Joystick control doesn’t seem as convenient as keyboard control, but … it’s possible to play :slight_smile: