Isometric, 100%touch, DRAGONLANCE

Hello there,
i am 30yo, I am from Bologna, Italy. I decided to make a game about dragonlance, chronicles, autumntwilight.
something kinda like “Exiled Kingdoms”- the freeware game app you can find at the Play Store. but about Dragonlance.
I am here because of this: my dream since I was a kid.
I am an employee actually, I work full time at the office as a software (java) developer.
a beautiful child,
But I can’t stop reading Dragonlance. So I decided, this night, to end my Dragonlance mania once for all, and make it touchable.
It has been 4months I used Construct2, but I found it is not for free for a product to be sold, unless a personal license is bought. Buy as I said, I have money for my family, not for my hobbies or manias. I know TSR will come to me in some way if I build a game with their characters and stories and materials (aka comics!) but I just can’t take it myself.

If anyone interested or Dragonlance-maniac, please make a step forward.


Ciao francesco fa piacere vedere un altro italiano che usa Gdevelop

Now it is better however that I write in English (I use a translator) what kind of game is it?

Gdevelop at least in the latest version has been updated with more tutorials so it is already better than the old one.

For file sharing you can use Dropbox update folders automatically but apart I think these things you know better than me since programs in Java for me that are a beginner to the end without experience in programming but with the nail fixed in wanting Create a game.

I hope to find you also on discord so maybe you show me the progress of your game.

And maybe even talk about something else;)

hi Luca!!

sincerily, i gave up GDevelop because I found myself too confident on Construct 2.
I found a super useful costruct2 project with isometric view implemented 100%.

are you sure you want to create a game? are you saying you can work with me in this project? ?
are you a Dragonlance fan ?

i was thinking real time fighting could be too much mental-resource-consumer , so i wish to implement fighting with cards, turned based. as much similar as Dragon Ball Z Super Sayian Densetsu for SNES console.

we could email eachother if you prefer so, please write me at

I did offer you my help but you didn’t bothered to reply or to join the discussion :angry:
What is that you want? Exclusive private work for free because you told you are doing it for fun you don’t even plan to make revenue with this yet you want to keep it private otherwise why didn’t you replied to my offer, so what anyone can hope for who “join you” :confused:

Do you really expect to find an other Dragonlance fan who happen to also making games and dreamed about making the first Dragonlance game ever and willing to do it for fun with you? While obviously you prefer to keep all the rights to the game, it is so obvious. Good luck with that :laughing:

Luca ?

You know, “you are the internet”, so it would be easier to leave the topic dead as it has been untill now.
I left GDevelop study and usage to make something on Godot v.3
I am enjoying that! Godot is … huge :slight_smile:
Even my initial Dragonlance game design has been modified, if I have grant I’ll close this topic.

The new forum engine push a topic up even if you just edit something.

The new forum engine allow you to mention people by using the @ symbol. For example @Francesco_Bacchelli. You can also PM Luca by clicking his name and choose the message icon.

Indeed, good choice. Godot is awesome if you don’t mind coding.

Guess you can ask a moderator. Been nice to see you around 8 months later and learn that you are using another engine again. Good luck with Godot :joy:

I am a software engeneer. Coding Is my job.
Been nice to see you still here bothering my post with your totally useless replys.
Do something with your Life, looser!
And good luck with GDevelop.
Ah: ask moderators for me. that would be useful.

Wow, so what?

You are the one who come back to announce you are using Godot now which I honestly think is a good choice, before that you announced you go with Construct, before that you told you are coming from Stencyl(?). I was only trying to be nice and help you get started wit GDevelop and you game but you ignored me and was looking for someone to make the actual game for you in private. I only agree with your choice now to go with Godot. Is that wrong? Why did you come back to announce?

I won’t. I wish your topic and reply would be pinned so everyone can see forever how ridiculous you are but unfortunately, I’m sure one or another mod going to come and edit or remove your primitive reply.

I wish you good luck with you game, hope to see you again :slight_smile: