Isometric Platformer Game Example

Hello, Iโ€™ve made a Project Example for the community. The purpose of this project is to help the community in dealing with Isometric Platformer Games. Itโ€™s not entirely perfect but it did well on doing its job :smiley: ( You can edit, improve, and own the Project :wink: )

Have fun developing Devs! :smile:

Images of the project :

Link :

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Edit :The dog asset is for non-commercial use only.

Cheers :smiley:


Thank you for your time on this example!

If itโ€™s working, and adapt for mobile, we can think to add this one as example in GD!
Btw we need to be sure that all assets are free to use.


My pleasure, I dont think it can adapt for mobile right now as results from my test ( 20-40 fps in Android 5.0 with average specs ) but im quite sure with few modifications and improvements, it will surely adapt for most mobile :smiley: . As for the assets, most of them are made by me. The car asset is free for commercial and non-commercial use (which can be downloaded here) and I bought the dog asset for non-commercial use only.

Thank you for reading and warm wishes :smile:

(Also, Its a great timing :joy: because im working right now for another example project, its for mobile isometric games that has fake fall feature in it )

Once again, thank you for reading :smiley:

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Maybe you can work also on jump!!! Will be awesome!!!


That would be astounding!! Iโ€™ll add that to my list :wink: