[Issue with howler.js] background music / sound effect doesn't play after placing an ad

Look at the games I’ve made.
(The test has not been completed, and the artwork isn’t complete)

Sometimes BGM/SE does not play after placing an ad (mainly a video ad).
This will probably only be replicated on iPhone (iOS).
Do any of you know of any such problems?

I don’t know the cause because there is no error log…

I tried.
If I set all SE to “Play a music file on channel” instead of “Play a sound”, I was able to play them even after the ad.

However, if set it to “Play a music file on channel”, it will delay the start of playback…

(I’m not pushing for the product)

What is BGM/SE ?

You can use music or sound actions as you want, one working better on some devices, i don’t remember which one.
Play a music if better for long playtime, and sound for short and reactive sound effect.
There have each their differences.

You can use this hack.

I’m sorry.
“BGM” stands for Back Ground Music and “SE” for Sound Effect.

I’ve tried what’s described in this wiki, but it didn’t solve the problem.

My problem is:

This may be a problem with howler.js…