Issues upgrading Gdevelop to 5.97 but working now

Very strange upgrade…

Using OS X 10.13.6

Was informed that upgrade was available (I have auto download/install turned off), so after I made some changes using 5.96, I closed the project, then used About Gdevelop to download the update.
Received message that update was ready and would install when I exited. I exited Gdevelop then opened it back up. Strange things began to happen.
The initial page (open project, create new project) was missing GDevelop Logo.
I opened my project and saw the following in the top bar:

When I looked at the GDevelop Properties, it said and update was available: GDevelop {0} - GDevelop {1} - yes those are curly brackets (sorry, forgot to screen shot that one).
I selected download update (again), exited GDevelop and reopened it - so far, it seems to be working correctly now.

Wanted to let you know in case someone else has an upgrade issue.

Huge issue here, @4ian this is only in the lastest b97, i’ve never seen that before.

I had the same problem too with the 97 version but it concerned the Windows version and not OS X.
Too i saw the same message in GDevelop saying a new update was ready. Too i reinstalled the 97 version and all was ok after.
I didn’t talk about that before because all was correct after second update and i thought it was a problem that concerned me only.

Seems like a partial installed updated (some icons are missing, the “{0}” are typical of a missing language file). Should be gone if you reinstall entirely, can you give it a try?

Not sure what could have been triggering this weird state though.

I did do the second install (from the corrupted About page) and it completed successfully.

As a side note, the upgrade from 4x to 5x was causing repeated system panics until I removed all GDevelop components and installed 5x clean. Not sure if this is important, but having been a programmer, I always found that the more info I got, the better chance I had of finding the issue.


Just for information, i upgraded from GDevelop Windows version 96 to 97.
As 4ian said, it’s often a problem generally of localization variables during installation.