Issues with Gdevelop

I would really like to know if anyone else experiences things like this, or is it just me?

I recently spent hours creating a menu for a game I’m making. I made the menu in an external layout, with a set of external events also. I loaded them onto my start scene and got it all working. The event and objects loaded at Y-1920, when you clicked the menu button they moved to Y+1920, and when the close button was clicked in the menu it moved the objects Y-1920 again. It worked perfectly. So I continued to add other (completely unrelated) events and objects to my start scene and now suddenly the menu doesn’t work anymore. It only shows one menu object that I can tell, and only moves it like Y-20 px each time you click the button. WTF? I didn’t touch anything relating to the menu layout, events, buttons, nothing. It just stopped working.

Also, some of my buttons work perfectly and others (with the same event calls and everything) require several clicks or touches to activate.

How about posting some screenshots? Sometimes unrelated things interact with each other especially if instances are involved. Sometimes conditions don’t work as expected.

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