"It's fake 3D!"

Hello All! Couldn’t find the “philosophical” section in the forums, so I posted this here. LOL A few times online, I have run into GDevelop creations being called “fake 3D”. In my opinion, this distinction, generally made by users of 3D engines, is fundamentally baseless. In some ways, I am in a unique position to discuss the topic, as I am a lifelong, conventional portrait/figure artist, who learned iClone 3D rendering/animation about 10 years ago, and game development later than that, only finding GDevelop a few years ago. Firstly, the main difference, in the final product, between a “real 3d” game created in Unity, and a “3D looking” game created in GDevelop, is that the 3D scenes can be rotated in the former. My cut scenes, made in iClone, are 3D anyway. The main point is, that any computer 3D is simply an optical illusion, no more “real” than artistic tricks I use in oil painting to give the appearance of 3D, just a lot more technical. Clay sculpture I created was far more “real 3D” than anything on a computer, with the exception of 3D printing. In summation, I feel that calling a 3D illusion created within 2D computer parameters “fake 3D”, and a 3d illusion created within 3D computer parameters “real 3D”, is completely invalid.

While your argument is valid and 3D is nothing but 3 dimensional representations of data the reason the YouTube creator called it “fake 3D” is simply because he did not used any 3D geometry but flat 2D images. If he called it a 3D game people would have vote the video down claiming it is not 3D.

In the world of game development if you are talking about 3D game that means working with and rendering 3D geometry on to the screen. Even if its done in a 2D perspective, it is still 3D only in 2D perspective.
It is also possible to render 2D using 3D techniques and add depth to an image and may even rotate it, tilt it, but it is still 2D only rendered using 3D techniques or it can also be just an animation or an image of a 3D object and create the illusion of 3D without using any 3D techniques.

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. My intent was to defend Sparckman, from the people calling his work “fake 3D”. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t physically touch it, it is “fake 3D”, whether made on a 2D or 3D engine, so there is no reason for users of 3D engines to be referring to GDevelop creations as “fake 3D”.

He is misleading with fake videos:

There is no point to defend him…


You are entitled to your opinion. I am an iCloner/GDeveloper, as he is. My opinion is, that if we are able to create the appearance of 3D with a 2D engine, so that there is very little difference in the final product to a game made on a 3D engine, then the “fake/real” distinction lacks merit. Also, iClone is a 3D render/animation program, so it is only in putting the game together in 2D GDevelop, that this distinction actually arises. I made a version or two of my sci fi game concept in Unity, before finding GDevelop. The only real difference in the final products is that the player can “twirl around” the 3D environment in games made on a 3D engine. And Sparckman seems to have overcome even that, so he has my admiration.My Games

Sparkman is notoriously disliked in this community because of his fake content. When we say fake, we are not talking about whether it is 3D or not, we talk about his videos that

  • says something like “how to do X in GDevelop” but has no explanation on how to do it, it just shows a result that is not even in GDevelop (in some videos you can even see him cut to MAME after clicking on launch preview)
  • does not match the title (top 10 games made with GDevelop video where not a single game in there is made with GDevelop)

And more misleading content.

While advertisement for GDevelop is welcome, we do not want this kind of false advertisement as it ruins GDevelops image, but Sparkman does it anyways for the ad revenue, hence why he is not appreciated in this community.


I meant that the gameplay shown in the video above was not created in Gdevelop, this is just a lie…

OK, thanks, I didn’t know.

Wow! I had no idea! He came up a lot when I searched “GDevelop” on Youtube, and looked like a pretty big deal. I also noted that he is an iCloner like me, which drew my interest. That’s some crazy stuff! There’s nothing you guys can do about that? I’m surprised Youtube allows it. I’m permanently banned from that platform for politically incorrect statements (I’m very pro-Palestinian!). I guess that shows Youtube’s priorities! Well, you won’t have to worry about me falsely throwing in stuff from other engines. IClone/GDevelop is the only thing I can make anything presentable with! So I guess, in Sparckman’s case, it really is “fake 3D”, though I would still argue that term being applied to my work. LOL By the way, what is “MAME”?My Games

No worries

It’s an emulator. To put it simply he just ran an arcade game directly on his computer and tried to pass it off as a recreation of the game in GDevelop.

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