It's my birthday 🦝

I worked so hard this year on my game “Miko Adventures Puffball”
And some amazing things happened this month:
1- My game won in GDWC 2021 week 17
2- The game got mentioned in around 20 websites around the world
3- Some reviewers got to try out the game and they loved it and here is a very awesome review about the game:

4- I just wrote a contract with Voxpop Games because they liked my game and my game is actually there right now here, you can Wishlist it there too:
And another company got in touch and want to make a contract with me too.

This year has been just amazing and it all happened because of an awesome community called “GDevelop”

I think I deserve to be happy today, don’t you think?!

Also Birthday = Wishlists
Come on everyone knows that :grin:
If you like Miko

Wishlist over here

Love you all, stay awesome everyone :heart:


So happy birthday and continue!
(I wanna see Puffball at E3 2022 :wink: )


Thank you so much @Bouh
Puffball is going to release before that by a lot :smile:
But hey maybe the next project we can do something epic who knows, I got a ton of ideas on my mind for the sequel of Puffball, some of those ideas are going to be very new and never seen before hopefully, don’t know yet but I know that It’s going to be so different to the point that it won’t be called the same name : )
More details will be coming in the future :wink: