I've a login issue it login sometimes and not login manytimes what should i do ? I uninstall manytime and than install i'm facing a same problem and also not showing any error

Hi @fahadzai789. It also happens to me and possibly other users too. It is a bug kinda thing which logs out after we close GDevelop. Its nothing to worry about and it might get fixed in future updates.

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I confirm. After the last update it disconnects every time I close the program.

I noticed the same on my mac and windows. I thought it was just a security feature to prevent my password from getting compromised.

i login again and again but nothing happens it stuck on the screen

can u help me in touch system ?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

If Windows, can you disable Firewall and Antivirus just to make sure they are not blocking GDevelop from accessing the web?