I've made a simple board game: https://gd.games/rick_berton/ludoprototypev2

Edit: Insertied the new link for the new build with thumbnail and description

I’ve made a prototype of a simple board game called Ludo:

For the final version I intend to show the board in perspective, polish the pieces graphics, bacground picture and implement some rules that I’ve left out for simpicity sake.
Some player personaliuzation and if possible multiplayer.
Any feedback is wellcome.
Thank you in advance

Rick Berton


Why don’t they hit each other the pawns

For now I’m leaving thew the two or more pawns at the same square situatioin aside. In the final version I’ll handle it. I’m not sure if I’ll dislocate the pieces to show both or just put an indication that there are more than one piece at the square.
Thank you for your feedback