Jack of Trades looking to level-up some skills. How to protect products?

Long time tech geek with a wide amount of experience and interests - maker using SBCs & MCUs, FOSS Supporter, develop tools/app to fill my use-cases (some FOSS, others not due to job) using so many languages: C, Perl, Python (2.x, 3.x, micro & circuit), PHP, Lua (for games, utils, and MCUs), Javascript, and Shell (ksh/bash) for example.

I’ve had various ideas for games over the years but I’ve wanted to use something more FOSS & Low-code’ish (note the “ish”) to prevent deprecation & portability challenges due to “closed source vendor lock-in” – while offering purchased commercial support. WIth my IRL Job, we use this combo it and works great (FOSS products with commercial support).

GDevelop appears to check all the right boxes – minus console support :frowning: . Oh well. Maybe later.

I’ve some ideas for some FOSS apps I’m looking forward to making and sharing.

There’s just one hang-up I’ve not been to find an answer to:
Q: How to protect published non-FOSS products from being “decompiled”/asset flipped by unscrupulous types?

I’m not talking someone sharing illegal copies via Torrents or Modders. I’m for modding. And, even some illegal sharing can turn into sales.

I’m talking ways to help deter shady folks (such as from BRIC countries) from republishing my work to Steam or the Play stores. I’d rather my app be stolen and no one profit so every uses it (which feels more like FOSS usage) vs. someone shady flipping a their re-spin having adware/malware and profits from my hard work.

Given that GDevelop is using Javascript and standard file types under the hood, I’ve not found any particular HOWTO or community document on how to secure your app’s code & assets. I know determined thieves will always do what they do if they have a desire too. I just don’t want to leave the app exposed to make their efforts any easier.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on who to protect your app’s code & assets from easily being hijacked given the FOSS engine of GDevelop.

Thanks in advance.


I understand your concerns & wish I could be of help, but alas.
Hopefully someone else on the forum sees this & aids you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyhow, welcome to GDevelop!
I always look forward to seeing what a fellow creative mind comes up with. :laughing: