JavaScript error on linux Ubuntu after a while of use

After the last few updates Gdevelop shows an error when I do a preview. This does not happen initially but most often after I have been using the developer for a while. I can not seem to find the cause of it. When I quit Gdevelop and start it up again the error is gone and all works fine again for a while. I include the errors here in hope that one of you might know what this is causing and squash the bug. The error shows itself multiple times. If I click OK the preview still works but once in a while the error would pop up again.
Screenshot from 2023-01-23 13-33-30


Thanks for the report.
This reminds me of the errors that used to display when one closed GDevelop without closing the preview. :thinking:
When you say “using the developer”, do you mean GDevelop or the debugger or the dev tools (ctrl-shift-i)?
Does it happen with any project?
Unfortunately, without precise steps to reproduce the issue, it might be difficult to fix it.

When you say “using the developer”, do you mean GDevelop or the debugger or the dev tools (ctrl-shift-i)?

I mean simply Gdevelop itself. I was not using the debugger or dev tools.

Does it happen with any project?
Yes all my projects have the same.

I understand I will take a close look if I can reproduce it more exactly. Now it feels it just happens out of the blue after some time.

Thanks for the additional info.
When you say “after some time”, is it minutes or hours?
Can you confirm the version of Ubuntu you’re using?
Also, you can open the dev tools and look for errors in red in the Console tab, it might provide more details about the nature of the issue and when it occurs precisely.

Most often it is after an hour or more indeed. Here are the errors from the console

Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
Release: 22.04
Codename: jammy

Thanks for the details.
So, you seem to be missing several files from the ‘websocket’ folder. Even if you decided not to use them, you must warn GDevelop that you don’t need them anymore.
Go to the project panel, and go to the Resources menu.

In the list of assets, right-click and remove the unused files and invalid path.
This should clear the red errors.

Then you have these issues:

I cannot tell you where that is exactly in your project, but you forgot a double quote somewhere and you forgot to fill some number field in two places.

Once you fixed all this, save your project, restart GDevelop and let us know if the error ever reappears.

I got all the errors removed but after a while the error still pops up. I have learned a lot b.t.w. from your post thank you for that because my project cleaned up nicely now. Unfortunately it did not remove the bug yet.

Thanks for trying. I forwarded the issue.

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