JOB OFFER for Experienced Gdeveloper

Hey everyone, I run a small indie games studio and we’ve recently published a point-and-click adventure game for PC. We’re now going through the process of remaking the game in Gdevelop optimized for mobile browsers (NOT a native mobile application). To speed up the process we’re considering hiring an experienced full time developer to work with us for 1-2 months. We would be offering competitive award rates for someone who can provide results quickly.

Basically you’d be working alongside our current developer to help create and incorporate the functions we need (inventory, health bar, scripted cutscenes etc). If there’s anyone here who would be interested in this opportunity we’d love to have a look at your portfolio and have a chat. Please feel free to DM me. Thanks.

Here’s the trailer for the game to give you an idea of what we’re making:

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WOW, I love your game.
Unfortunately I don’t have 2 months full time otherwise I would certainly have proposed.
Good job bro.

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the game is cool! and i am free for 1-2 month and i can work on the healthbar, and inventories part but not sure on the cutscenes one…i can chat in gamejolt but i dont have discord :frowning: here is my new game which used a lot of inventories, and some health too!