Join the BeatSwapper Dev Team!

Hey everyone! I’m here to talk about BeatSwapper, a project that had been discontinued way back in 2020. Originally, the rhythm game was created alongside some other people from the Wick Editor Forums, but after a few performance issues in their program, the project was scrapped and almost never thought of again.

So how did we get here? After scouring the internet for a game engine, I found a few choices that really stuck out to me; Flowlab, Construct, and GDevelop. I decided to settle on GDevelop since it is very capable of doing many things and has a huge community. I finally decided to spend my time in the engine remaking BeatSwapper, and here we are. But doing everything solo is very boring and difficult, so I decided to form a dev team!

Since I don’t know anybody here, you should introduce yourself if you are willing to join.

The people we need - I’m looking for different people for different kinds of jobs. If you are one of them, please let me know.

Developers - We need some developers to help out with creating gameplay and coding, as well as debugging. Since collaboration is not available in GDevelop, you can contribute by sending me your project and I’ll just copy and paste everything into the official project.

Assets and graphic design - We need people who can draw. With this position you can create
concept art for buttons, menus, particle effects, e.t.c.

Sound design - If you have a DAW like FL studio,, Ableton, Logic, or anything else and you can make good music, great! We need people like you to help out with the soundtracks for this game. Since it’s a rhythm game, we’ll need alot!

and of course, Playtesting!

By joining the team, you agree to have our game available on game platforms like Itch, Newgrounds, GitHub, and possibly, an official website. If not, you can just be a playtester!

And to make communicating easier, you can also join BeatSwappers’ official Discord server, where i’ll post daily updates on how the game is going.

And with that, I think we’re all set to go! And quick note: I won’t be paying anyone to do this for two reasons; one, im completely broke, and two, the game is going to be free and open source.

BeatSwapper - The rhythm game where the sides hit the center!

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I know the Diffuculty of making a game solo and I am looking to a part of a dev team for some extra experience under my belt.
I am skilled with graphic design and illustration, (check my deviant art Devanin)
I am also quite familiar with sound design and music, the DAW I use is mainly BandLab and occasionally FL studio for more complex sounds.
If I cannot be a part of this dev team, I would love to be a play tester.
Thank you for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome! I recommend that you join the Discord server if you haven’t already, I post lots of Devlogs there for the team to check out. As an artist, do you think you can make some background art for each level? They need to be 1920x1080p. Thanks for joining the dev team! :smiley: