Join the GDevelop Big Game Jam 5!

Forum - Big Game Jam 5
:loudspeaker: We’re launching the next GDevelop Big Game Jam!

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Nice! Hopefully i’ll still be able to compete in gamedev.js, as its around the same time as big jam 5.

I have already made my game do you need it??
G.D games:The Maze:DEMO | Play on Maze:DEMO by Phoenix2965

Yeah, that’s not how game jams work.

Its my first time can you help me pls??

First, you need to make the game within the actual time period of the Jam. You can’t start before the submission period.

Second, you can’t start making assets or events for the jam before it starts. You can, however, uses snippets of codes or assets you made before the jam was announced. Also, there’s also the option to use asset packs, and game examples/ templates.

If you have any questions, you can ask me, or any of the other users in the forum.