Jumpy The Spider

I made small html5 game and I published it on gamejolt, check it out :slight_smile: I will publish it on android when I get admob works well. Here: http://gamejolt.com/games/jumpy-the-spider-mobile/137186

Ps. Has anyone idea how to add scoreboard in gamejolt? API thing? :smiley:

Jumpy The Spider is now on Google play! :slight_smile: Check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jukkarapa.jumpyspidermobile
JTS QR.png

I had to upload it again. Now scoreboard is working when you are logged in gamejolt :slight_smile: Can you be the number 1 on the scoreboard? :wink:

The game is quite fun (my score is 79) but somehow it just freezes after death.
Occasionally on jump the spider doesn’t move, the jump sound is played though.

Thank you for playing it! :slight_smile:
Do you play on phone or gamejolt version of the game? If phone, what is the specs of your phone? If gamejolt version, which browser and do you use windows or something else?
I appreciate information about problems! :slight_smile:

And game is deleted and I got banned again on gamejolt. I don’t know if somebody reporting me or what? “Robojolt” (who I guess is automatic mod) say I manipulate ratings and that is not making any sense. I have send them email, but we’ll see. You can find game only on google play now.

I hope that’s not because I gave it 5 stars. (I only rated it that because I really enjoyed the game.)
I stopped putting my games on GameJolt due to rule breaking.

I played the gamejolt version on desktop pc with firefox (tested on windows and linux) - same problem.
Havent tried it on my phone yet.

heh I don’t think so :smiley: But hey thanks! This was second time I got banned and the first one was the same reason, manipulating. I was surprised that this game got so many good ratings so fast and I was wondering if someone report me because of that. So many good ratings and small simple game how this can be! But I am pretty pissed of that they don’t even give you a warning, they just delete everything.
I tried to move Kongregate, but when I uploaded my game, it crashed while uploading and now I can’t upload it again because the game name is used already! And I don’t know how to fix that.

Wendigo: That is weird, but gamejolt version is deleted so… yeah, I don’t know :smiley: Thanks for the info, though!
I think it’s better play with phone or tablet :slight_smile: Though, there is no scoreboard, but you can vaunt your scores to your friends in live when you meet them :smiley:

All your games are very good, i liked BioMechanic Man Boy, and this seem hard, thank you for share it.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: I’m glad you like!
We continue making BioMechanic Man Boy when time is right :slight_smile: Yeah, Jumpy The Spider is skill game so it might be hard at first! My best score is about 500 so I challenge you to beat it! :smiley:

May I know how to keep the high score? :confused: :slight_smile:

No. It’s top secret and no one gonna ever find it out!

Of course I tell you! :smiley: Here is the Jumpy The Spider Gdevelop file and assets so you can search how I made something in the game: http://jubeliuksen3.blogspot.fi/2016/04/gdevelop-jumpy-spider-assets.html It might be little messy especially when there is mixed Finnish and English together, but you can try what happens when deactivate some events etc.

When you look at the picture, those actions which are in the red circle do the magic. You can find here in the forums also lot of things about load and save :slight_smile:

huhuhu… nice :mrgreen: :smiley: :smiley:
Syukran… Thank you for your help.