Just looking around

I like how some parts of Game Develop are open for community edits. Hopefully, this will grow into a great resource.

I’ve tried a few HTML5 game makers before including GameMaker and Construct 2. It’ll be interesting to be able to compare each of them.

Well, GD is 100% free, even for commercial purposes. No limited “demo” version or extended “Pro” version. That’s big advantage already. Another one is that events aren’t interpreted like in most other gamemakers I’ve seen, they are converted to c++ (native) and compiled or converted into very fast JS (html5) which add to speed of the engine.

The only limitation I can see is limited amount of extensions, but I’m pretty sure it’ll grow over time.

Anyway, if I’d have to summarize GD in one sentence, it’d be “The best mix between Clickteam’s products and Construct”.

I’m interested in any review so feel free to tell about your experience using Game Develop compared to GameMaker or Construct 2 :slight_smile: