Just made a new tutorial

I have uploaded a new tutorial today Here.
This tutorial is all about how to add a custom splash scene/Intro Logo and Loading scene in the game.


Little disclaimer about modifying the loading screen: messing with GDevelop’s Runtime can is dangerous especially for beginners. I wouldn’t advise beginners to do so. And if you do modify it, please leave the GDevelop logo or some trace of GDevelop. GDevelop is not very famous and it could use some “advertisement” through that Splashscreen. GDevelop makes it possible for you to make your games, give it at least that in return :slight_smile:


I was also going to make something like How to remove Gdevelop logo and replace it with our own. But then I also have the same feeling so I made a tutorial with Gdevelop logo. :blush::blush::blush:


I do use splash screens on my games and they never substitute the gdevelop logo on the runtime, also i have checked this tutorial and it does not seem to do so. This splash and loading screens happens just after the gdevelop first loading screen and this just give more appeal to the games and they look more pro.