Just showing off what I have so far

Hey everybody… New to Gdevelop but not new to game development. I figured since I’m playing around with this program I’d show some screenshots of what IV been making with it.

Updated images Still needs lots of work but it’s getting closer each day


Lol I guess new users can only post 1 picture per post

wow looks cool! Is this for only pc?

Really cool, you can build house, road, where you want ?

Hi and thanks! I do have more pics…

Since I’m a new user I can only do 1 pic per post lol. I’ll get more on here as I get the chance

Yes… Some of the images are premade I just modified them to fit my needs.

Sorry misread your message… Pc and android

[menu] Your yellow text is contrasting but at the same time not going with the bg…try some more color or you can also add gradient to text from event sheet.

Hi, thanks for the tips… I will definitely change the text color and make it more appealing. I’m still in the early stages of development and did that as just a quick “stand in” if you know what I mean.