Karambola - published!

A short puzzle/adventure about lonely fruits&veggies with emotional problems :slight_smile:
If you like Amanita Design work (Samorost, Machinarium), you may like this game.




Thanks GDevelop! <3

Wow, this looks beautiful! Well done.

Is pretty cool I love it, by the way I found funny that in my country we say “Carambola” to say that something turn out good because of luck but didn’t know that it’s the name of a fruit jajaja :smiley:

Woah! Nice artwork there! :smiley:

Oh, it is great. The artworks are unique and the music is also enjoyable.

I made a mistake by opening it on my phone. By doing that I depleted all my money for next 3 months. LOL I didn’t see the big file warning until it was too late.