Keep getting logged out of mobile version

I’m hesitant to call this a bug because it could be just me but when using the online web version it frequently logs me out of the GDevelop cloud. I don’t know if my Chrome web browser is doing it or the cookie is set to expire after a very short amount of time.

Sometimes I’m logged out when I go to the site and there’s no recent files until I log in. I can live with this.

Other times, when I try to save the project with the save icon, it says something like “can not save at this time”. I discovered that means I’m logged out. If I click save as and click the login button everything is fine for awhile. I was logged in when I opened the project.

I can understand a cookie expiring when I’m not active but it seems like being active should reset the time that the cookie expires. If the issue is an expired cookie and not something either my phone or chrome is doing.

My biggest concern is that if I’m not logged in then I’m going to assume the autosave wouldn’t function.

Even if the logging out is done on my side. It’s still seems wrong that the save button says “try again” instead of “you’re not logged in”.

My Chrome browser is not set to block cookies even 3rd party and I can’t find any options like “delete files on exit”. I’m also not manually emptying the cache or temp files. It happens within the same session, so I’m not rebooting my phone and I’m definitely not deleting my temp files or cache.

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I have this issue too, even when in the middle of editing a project Web version randomly decides to log me off

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That sucks man wish I could help

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Thanks. I only use the mobile version for testing and making examples but it’s still annoying.

do you know anything abt school devices? I’m having a problem where I cant open my projects.

Not a clue. best to start a new thread.