Web version randomly decides to log me off

I have an issue with the web version where from time to time it just randomly decides to log me off. (Even while a project is open.)

Normally I know because when I try to save my project, it fails, the first thing I do is check the home page to see if I am logged, and there it is, the [Log in] button.

I can’t tell if that happens in desktop because I am not able to test it.


I guess for this we need other people to confirm the issue because nothing can be done if only I am having this issue.

This quarter I taught Gdevelop to my students. Nearly every class (1 hour) there was at least one student (out of 30) with this error when saving to the GDevelop Cloud:

This happened for 7 classes each week. The other day I checked if the student was logged in, and indeed, he was automatically logged out. Logging back in fixed the issue.

Unfortunately I cannot confirm with 100% certainty that all/most of those occurences was due to automatic logout, but at least I can confirm the issue of Reborn.


This happens to me as well. The most annoying part is the error message doesn’t say it’s logged out. The autosave also can’t work if you’re logged out. This happens to me when using my phone and the web version.

On my PC, I use the windows version and this doesn’t happen. Although, I always save to my hard drive.

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