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Hey, guys, I was searching for a pdf on keyboard shortcuts of Gdevelop 5. But I didn’t find anything about this on the internet . I asked about this to developers in this post before. Now I am going to make one :blush:. It will be nice if you all help me with this. So please Comment down the shortcuts you know about Gdevelop 5 and I will make a pdf on this. And please don’t repeat same shortcuts if you see that in comment section.

Thanks in advance


Ok, guys! I have made the PDF :grinning: . Thanks to Bouh :hugs:. I will continue to update the pdf. If you think there are any missing shortcuts let me know in Reply.
PDF Download Link Here


The Keyboard shortcuts I know

From Viewport (Scene editor)

Project manager = Ctrl+Alt+P
Find = Ctrl+F
Duplicate = Ctrl+LMB
Save = Ctrl+S
Copy = Ctrl+C
Past = Ctrl+V

In Pixel Editor (Piskel)

Tool shortcuts…

Pen tool = P
Vertical mirror pen tool = V
Paint bucket tool = B
Magic bucket tool = A
Eraser tool = E
Stroke tool = L
Rectangle tool = R
Circle tool = C
Move Tool = M
Shape selection = Z
Rectangle selection = S
Lasso selection = H
Lighten tool = U
Shift color index tool = P
Dithering tool = T
Color picker = O , Alt+LMB

Misk Shortcuts…

Zoom In = Mouse Wheel Up , +
Zoom In = Mouse Wheel Down , -
Reset zoom = 0
Pen size up = ]
Pen size down = [
Select previous frame = ↑
Select next frame = ↓
New Frame = N
Duplicate selection = Shift+D
Select original size = Alt+1
Select best size preview = Alt+2
Select full size preview = Alt+3
Toggle onion skin = Alt+O
Toggle Grid = Alt+G
Toggle Layer Preview = Alt+L
Open merge animation popup = Ctrl+Shift+M
Close an open popup = ESC
Move viewport up = Shift+↑
Move viewport down = Shift+↓
Move viewport left = Shift+←
Move viewport right = Shift+→
Undo = Ctrl+Z
Redo = Ctrl+Shift+Z , Ctrl+Y

Selection Shortcuts…

Cut selection = Ctrl+X
Copy selection = Ctrl+C
Past selection = Ctrl+V
Delete selection = DEL
Commit selection = Enter

Color shortcuts…

Primary Color = LMB
Secondary Color = RMB
Swap Color = X
Reset default color = D
Open palette creation popup = Alt+P
Select next color = >
Select previous = <
Color Palettes Selection = 1 to 9
Save the current sprite = Ctrl+S
Open a (.piskel) file = Ctrl+O
Save as new = Ctrl+Shift+S

Please don’t repeat same shortcuts again.


I get this for GDevelop

  • name: Create a new game

    • Ctrl+n
  • name: Open a file

    • Ctrl+o
  • name: Save file

    • Ctrl+s
  • name: Save as

    • Alt+Ctrl+s
  • name: Close project

    • Ctrl+Shift+w
  • name: Undo

    • Ctrl+z
  • name: Redo

    • Ctrl+y
  • name: Copy

    • Ctrl+c
  • name: Paste

    • Ctrl+v
  • name: Show project manager

    • Alt+Ctrl+p
  • name: Toggle developper tools

    • Shift+Ctrl+i
  • name: Toggle fullscreen

    • F11

@blurymind In Piskel editor P have two attributions.
Pen tool = P
Shift color index tool = P (Last one added)

  • name: Paste and match style
    • Ctrl+Shift+V
  • name: Select all
    • Ctrl+a

This two key dosen’t work on scene editor. What is this for?

Oops, these are useless i delete it.

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