Keyboard Shortcuts – Project manager

  1. Event handling for the “Open project manager” command works differently from others. Sutiation:
  • assign the “U” button to the command;
  • add an object and in the object name field indicate the word that contains this letter.
    The handler will work and the project manager window will open and the window for adding an object will be blocked. Gif (the file size turned out to be more than 4 MB and cannot be loaded into the message).
  1. When the project manager is open and the “R” button is pressed, the panel is reset. At the same time, nothing is assigned to this button in the settings.


Thanks, issue forwarded to the devs.
Seems the issue occurs with any letter :thinking:

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hey man i could use some help with my project i think it’s corrupted can i send it to you?

@kobiOGUA I suppose you can upload the file and link in a separate topic. To help you.

You are right, with any letter the same problem. Thanks. =)

oop i meant @Gruk sorry for posting here btw i cant reach him directly

I’m sorry but are you sure you’re not accidentally typing anything in the searchbox at the bottom?

I tried reproducing this bug to see how much it would impact if i were in middle of doing something and I fooled myself by typing the searchbox (I had never noticed the searchbox before). Clearing the searchbox returned the Project Manager to normal.

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@pop-boi you are absolutely right! Thank you very much! :rofl: :+1:
I didn’t notice this field either. I feel stupid, but I understand that I am not alone and it calms me down. :sweat_smile:
When you open the project manager window, this field is always in focus, so the input goes there, which is confusing.

@Gruk this is not a mistake, but my carelessness. I shouldn’t have bothered the developers.


Oh my… :rofl:
I didn’t notice it either. :man_facepalming:

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Although the first problem with input blocking remains. It is a pity that it cannot be solved with such ease. =)