KeyStore of my app!

Hi guys!
I need to know where I find my KeyStore for my app on Gdvelop, recently I decided to start using Unity and remade my app (Baby idol) that I launched some time ago on gdevelop, but when I went to publish the update now in unity, tell me the following sentence:
You have sent an APK signed with a different certificate than the previous APKs. Use the same certificate. Your existing APKs have been signed with certificates with the following fingerprints:
Then the numbers for them appear.
I really need to know where I can get this KeyStore in my app compiled in gdevelop in order to update my app, I had a lot of work to do everything in Unity, and my app made in Gdevelop is currently with 40000 downloads, so I really need to know where I can find it the keyStore of my app compiled on Gdevelop, to be able to put on Unity, if anyone has any idea how I find it please help me!

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Didn’t you used adobe phone gap or intel xdk for signing the app? I don’t have much idea about it btw.

As far as I know, Ruhan is right. For android and iOS you define the keystore when you compile with phonegap or cordova, GDevelop doesn’t generate or touch this for you.

This is really sad, i was new when i started the game so i did the direct compilation of the Gdevelop button, so there is probably no way to find this KeyStore, i think i will have to launch it as a new app, anyway, thank you guys! ^^

w8 how did you uploaded the previous version at first place?..My guess you had used phonegap Back then…if you go to and sign in again there is a possibility to find your key.
And Gdvelop doesn’t compile app with sign which menes there is no way you can directly upload the exported app from gdevelop to playstore…you must have used something to add sign in game …try to remember that.

I definitely didn’t use anything external, just export within Gdevelop, and later when i went to publish the app for the first time i had no problem, so much so that until recently i had no idea what a keyStore was hehe
I think gdevelop should export with some type of signature, or something

Oh well Idk maybe you can check this Link to get previous version key…else you can publish
Baby idol 2 (New edition)

Thanks, Ruhan! I will read and see if this can help me in any way :wink: