Kitty Biscuits (FULL VERSION OUT)

Hey guys. After nearly a week of development, I have finally published my first demo of the game, “Kitty Biscuits!” It’s a game where you play as an orange cat running around to eat as many biscuits falling from the top as possible to earn a high score. The current version of the game is a demo with the Score Attack mode the only mode that is currently available to play.

Here’s a video of my development progress for the game:

Here are the things I will add in the final version of the game:

Score Attack: Make it so that the fall speed of the biscuits are randomized once the player earns a certain amount of points. Biscuits will also fall faster later in the round as well.
Time Attack: Collect as many biscuits within a specific time limit. There will be three different time limits to choose from: 1, 3, or 5 minutes.
Bad Biscuits: Dodge as many Bad Biscuits as you can. Collect three, and you lose!
??? mode: It’s like Score Attack, but regular and bad biscuits fall more frequently, and they fall at a much faster pace than usual. Mode is unlocked when the player reaches a certain amount of points in the above modes. (I’m not 100% if I’ll add this in the final version of the game, though.)
Make the instructions box look better by adding sprites in them.
Allow players to mute the music.
Allow players to pause the game.

Known bugs:
Cat animation stutters from jumping to idle animation when the cat lands on the ground.

If you guys have any feedbacks for the game, I appreciate it. Thanks!

Update: (7/17)
Game now has a thumbnail on GDevelop.
Made Score Attack harder by adding biscuits that fall at a faster speed.
High score works properly now.

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Hey guys. I’m bumping this thread to let you guys know that I’ve updated the game to ver. 0.2. Here are the changes I’ve made:

-Added Bad Biscuits mode. It’s a mode where you have to dodge the bad biscuits falling from the sky to score points.
-Removed extra animation frames when a biscuit or a bad biscuit hits the ground.
-Modified menu by separating it into two scenes.
-Fixed a glitch where the player can interact with the “Replay” and “Menu” buttons in Score Attack and Bad Biscuits mode even if the “game over” layer is hidden.
-Fixed a glitch where the player can still click on the buttons on the bottom layer when the “How to Play” and “Credits” layers are visible.
-Added a button to allow the player to delete their save data if they wish.
-Updated “How to Play” and “Credits” section.

Once again, here’s the link to the game:

Here are the things I will work on in the next version of the game:

Improve Score Attack mode so that the game becomes harder when the player has scored 100,000 or more points.
Add pause menu.
Allow player to mute music.
Add Time Attack mode.
Add secret mode.

Tip: Don’t try to camp the corners in Bad Biscuits mode. I’ve made it so that the bad biscuits will always spawn on the leftmost and rightmost sections of the stage once the player has score a certain amount of points.

Hey, guys. I’ve updated the game once again to ver. 0.3. Here are the things I’ve added and changed:

-Added mute button to all scenes except for the title screens. Music can be muted or unmuted by pressing on the sound icon or by pressing the “m” key. Note: You cannot mute or unmute during the ready screen.
-Made Score Attack mode harder.
-Moved score and miss count to the top of the screen.
-Created border for the top part of Bad Biscuits mode and lowered park ground.
-Added pause button. The button can be toggled by clicking on it or by pressing the “p” key.
-Added pause screen with the resume, restart, and exit to menu buttons on it.
-Added Time Attack mode and countdown. Changed background and various texts and variables so that it fits the mode.
-Biscuits in Time Attack mode are orange to make it easier to see.
-Removed buttons for Score Attack and Bad Biscuits mode on Menu scenes and replaced them with clickable icons.
-Added Time Attack icon.
-Time Attack spawns a +15 icon when the player collects 10 biscuits in a row. Collecting it gives player +15 secs to timer.
-Increased spawn time of the bad biscuits, and made it so that player loses 5 secs if they collect a bad biscuit.
-Slightly updated “How to Play” and “Credits” screens once again.

Next update will be the final update for the game, which will contain a secret mode and some more balance changes if needed. Thanks for reading, and have fun playing my game! If you have any feedbacks, feel free to leave a reply down below.

The full version of the game is finally out! Play it here:

Gameplay trailer:

Here’s what the game has:

3 different game modes, and one secret hard mode that can be unlocked when you received the highest ranking in the other modes.
20 achievements + 4 hidden achievements
1280 x 720 format. Old version of the game was in 800 x 600 format.
Game now saves the amount of biscuits and bad biscuits you have collected and high scores.
You can now mute the music or pause the game. Quitting or restarting a round will not erase the amount of biscuits or bad biscuits you have collected in a game.

Hope you guys enjoy the game!