Large image backgrounds not always visible in scene editor


Sometimes a large image object such as 1920 x 1080 jpg, will not be displayed in the scene editor (you can select it, and it looks like 0 pixels by 0 pixels until you start the scene and see it’s working fine in preview mode). I’m not sure why sometimes it is displayed (may be due to different format, compression, or just random luck) and some other image backgrounds are displayed properly in same resolution (but maybe different format, I cannot remember all cases). But if an image is not displayed, that same image on the same scene will never be displayed (you can delete object, add again, remove image, load again, etc).

I had used a large image background many times, and it is very useful also to help you get a proper layout (place objects where you want them to be relative to the background). If the background is not visible, this is more difficult to do.

It would be useful if this can be fixed. If you need more specific testing for this issue, please let me know what to check.

Maybe related to the image encoding, is it a png image? :slight_smile:
Check this out:

Thanks for your reply.

It’s a JPG file in this case, I cannot remember about previous cases (previous projects). But I’m not 100% sure if format is the cause (might be). For large backgrounds (1920 x 1080) with no transparency, PNG would add a lot of size (also increasing loading times), so it’s not practical.

Can you share the image?

I tried to reproduce the issue on a new project (to be able to send you the project with the bug) but strangely the same background image shows up fine in the new project, while it still doesn’t show up fine in my project in that same scene (which was also empty when I first started it). So there seems to be more to this issue than simply resolution/format of the image.

I have experienced similar bugs many times before but it can not be reproduced easily. Last time I have reported 4ian told me he doesn’t want to hunt for ghosts. It was about 2 years ago but it still there.

Recently happened to me, when I renamed an object the reference didn’t change in the gdg file.
When I opened the project in GD, everything looked fine but the events related to the object I have renamed recently just didn’t work. I managed to solve the problem by opening the gdg file in Notepad++ and find the old object name between the tags which is no longer used anywhere in my project, changed it, saved the project file and it solved the problem. I can not reproduce it but it happened a few times to me.

Maybe something similar happened to you, in case you have renamed the object or the image.

Is this a progressive jpg ? If it’s the case, it’s not compatible with GDevelop, you’ll have to save it into a non progressive jpg.

Hi and thanks a lot for the comment. It’s exported by default with GIMP, so it may be progressive. I will have to check and make sure by exporting it as non progressive (making sure it’s off) and then trying to load on the same “problematic” scene.

However, it should be useful to note that in some project the same image works, and not in another.

If this turns out to be the cause, is it possible to add some kind of check/warning/or notice on image loading that progressive JPGs shouldn’t be used? This should avoid users having to ask the same question as me.

Hi, we should report this as a separate issue, but when I rename any object in the scene editor window, it does not update in events. When I rename an object while looking at the event editor, it does update in those events (but maybe not in other, external events). You can also rename objects with “replace all” function in Gdevelop, although it may be limited. I think it’s reproducible every time, but I have to check and make sure. It should be in another thread, so that we can make the job easier for the developer (I mean, it’s easier to look at bugs, follow issues and fix them if every bug has a separate thread).

In this case I’m not using any events, just loading a background image, so it’s definitely different, but I did notice the same issue as you frequently (I use the replace function every time after renaming an object). Edit: I read again and noticed your issue is a bit different (you said it’s not updated in file, but possibly is updated in event view in gdevelop), but it’s quite related.

Hi again, I’ve reexported the image from GIMP and made sure that “progressive” is off. It did not work immediately ,but after restarting Gdevelop and loading the image again, it started working well. Thanks for the solution! This may be the cause, in which case, it would be useful if this can be mentioned as a kind of text note somewhere in image editor (so people don’t accidentally load progressive images, without being aware it will not work).

I will definitely keep an eye on the issue and report if it happens again with actual compatible images.