"L'aube étoilée" is open to partnerships and grateful for any form of assistance

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicolas, and I have officially created the company L’aube étoilée in Montreal, Quebec. During this discussion, I would like to explain to you the usefulness of Gdevelop and the resources and advice I would need. My company specializes in cultural video games with the objective of promoting culture.

I have created the first virtual museum through games. I describe, present through photos, and make culture available on Android and iOS. My company aims to be recognized worldwide and credible. For this purpose, I distinguish between two processes: free and simple applications, and paid applications that offer complete museums.

To develop applications, I follow the same process which I simplify and industrialize.

Personally, I am convinced that L’Aubée Étoilée can become the global leader in virtual culture through games. Games convey messages, and culture is a serious domain.

For those interested in volunteering to help me or supporting L’Aubée Étoilée, I need advice, recognition, particularly regarding Gdevelop, and assistance. My company is recent, only a month old. It follows a process outlined in the business plan that can take time. However, I would like to improve the quality of the games and make the system even more efficient to gain official recognition from governments and museums. By utilizing video games and virtual museums, I intend to conquer the gaming market, which is a niche, while exploring other categories.


L’aube étoilée