Layer Effects Problem

I tried to use the Sepia effect on my game.
In editor and standalone (Windows), it worked.
But when I export my game to HTML5 my Sepia effect didn’t apply. (It didn’t work).
Do effects only work on standalone or is it a bug?

I use Gdevelop beta89. Chrome version: 80.0.3987.149 64-bit

EDIT: Eventually I think I found a problem. Effects work on Edge but not on Chrome for some reason. Why is that happening?

HTML5 support varies across browsers. This is not specific to GDevelop.
Google should provide more details if needed.
That being said, layer effects is a relatively new feature, bugs are possible, I guess.

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Est-ce que l’effet s’applique sur cette page ?

J’ai la même version de GD et la même de chrome, chez moi ça fonctionne.

Same problem here.

I put a CRT and Rgb split effect on a layer in my game. In the preview on pc it works how i want. But when i export the game to android. The effects are not showing.