Layer Problem

I was exactly following the platformer game tutorial when I came across the part of adding a layer for score.I added the layer and proceeded to the next step i.e changing the layer of text object score.When I tried to change its layer the option of moving to the new layer was grey i.e not available.That means the object was already on the new layer.When I selected the option of moving to a lower layer nothing happened.Same situation was with all the other objects.I’d rather go for another game developing software than waste my time on this.I can’t get my work done if this is the case.

??? not sure about your problem, post a screenshot maybe.

Basically to change the Layer of an object, you just need to edit properties of the object on the scene : then you’ll just have to enter the name of layer you want it to be (plaintext, no double quotes needed). It’s case sensitive so respect the name you given to the layer.

You can also check object list : it will list every object, and giving in information like plan or layer.

Also check which layer is currently active when you want to add an object.
New objects are created on the currently active layer.

We just fixed a bug with the scene context menu that affected the change layers buttons : Change layer broken since last update