Leave private messages

How do I leave private messages in the gdevelop forum?

If you click on the member’s avatar, there’s the Message button for private messages:


I don’t have it. Why is it not there?

I checked my name and I don’t have one either. This forum might be set up that we can not send private messages to ourselves. So if we click our own names, we won’t see the message link, but if other people click our name they will see the message link. Unless we set it to be private.

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You can’t DM yourself, @SuperMrWilliams3.
Try on me, I don’t mind if you send a DM to me (as long as it is not spam).

first of all, I like your dancing SpongeBob GIF. Second, I tried that, it didn’t show.

It shows for me


But why doesn’t it show for me?

And what if you click on someones nickname?
Do you see message button here?

I don’t know. Maybe your trust level is too low? It says “new user”, maybe you have to make it to ‘member’ at least to use the message feature. But I’m just throwing out guesses.

Keep in mind Discourse’s reputation system:


No, it’s not the type of game that interests me.

Never even seen it

You do realise these aren’t private messages, and we can all see you’re posing the same question to multiple members?