Legend of Stasia Part 1

Hello, I released a demo of my new game Legend of Stasia! It’s a adventure game similar to the top-down Zelda games. You can download it on my website here: https://www.andrewgreenwood.ca/about-6

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It looks very interesting. Do you have any plans to make a linux release or a browser version?

Hello! I don’t currently have Linux or browser versions. Browser versions are only temporary, right?

If you upload it to gdevelop, yes, I think those remain for about a week.

However, if you make a “local folder” export, and upload those files to your web server you should be able to have a persistent game playable via web browser.

[edit] As a word of caution, you may want to check the Terms of Service of your web host to make sure that they allow game hosting.

Hello, now I have a Linux version! https://www.andrewgreenwood.ca/about-6

As for making Web version, I tried uploading to Gdevelop and it doesn’t work. I get an “error while launching the game” message every time. I also tried making a local folder, making a zip file, and embedding it in itch.io so that it can be played online but that doesn’t work either. It just says “loading game for first time” and it never stops loading.

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