Let's make docs amazing

Hi everyone.

As a way to contribute back to GDevelop, I’m starting this thread as a living guide towards improving GDevelop’s documentation. I’ll try and add polls.

I’ll also dedicate a small chunk of time each day to improve the docs.

It would be great to hear from the range of awesome people on this forum about what’s great, what’s missing, and what can be improved.

At the moment, based on the types of games I’m attempting to make, I’ve found these useful (but currently undocumented) features:

  • Special paste (great for quickly placing objects in a row or grids)
  • Image converter (great for cutting up a spritesheet that was generated with Piskel, for example)
  • Inventory (I think I found out about this via the forum/release notes)

I’m not sure who the current active doc contributors are, so apologies if I’m overstepping. :smiley:

You can add your useful softwares here : http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop/tutorials/usefulsoftwares

About others missing docs… well i think almost everything is documented, but need improvement, screenshots or basci examples/templates.

Lot of things could be more documented, i think to extensions, differences between platforms html5/native, etc.

Hi @Kink,

thanks for replying. I think basic examples will be a good addition (also suggested by @ddabrahim in another thread).

One thing the docs are missing are examples of using structures (I’m struggling with this myself at the moment :laughing: ). There are a few good threads that have useful event snippets (e.g. this one, and I think one good task to do will be to sift through the forum threads and add useful snippets/examples on the related page.

Also, complex examples can be great too… If i’ve time, i’ll make some on the particles and light extensions.