Light Test example [Dynamic Object Illumination]

I played around with the new light system and want to share, what i got.
Im sure it can be improved, but you´ll get the idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Lighttest Download
Download on Google Drive

the Raycasting method is a little questionable because of its lag of accuracy. it can be improved by adding more rays, but there has to be a better solution.


That looks nice ! The light even bounces of the sprite near it !

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Super! :heart_eyes:
We could perhaps use it as flashlight or torch? :smile:

Little question to Slash; can you say if this new effect can slowdown a game, particulary on mobile.

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Yes, every sort of visual effects always slows down, especially on mobile.

Thanks Arthur.
Just known in which proportion.

I tried to use the custom light via sprite, but unfurtunally the light object does not work with alpha channels (transparency). So directed light
(Flashlights) needs some trickery.
Maybe I’ll try that at some point.


Updated example with Flashlight.

Super effects! I’ll see later in detail your json file.

That’s an amazing, eye-catching effect! Best lighting effect I’ve ever seen in GD. Thanks for linking the file too. I wonder how feasible it is to make this an extension in GD.

The download isn’t working.

the servers there are often slow, but free and without lifetime. I just tried, and i can download it.
just try again, if it is still not reachable try to use another browser, and not using incognito mode might help.

I have tried 3 different browsers, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. It takes forever to get to click on the download button but then it just goes to a loop where nothing happens and you can keep clicking on the download button.

UPDATE: I was finally able to get the download. The flashlight is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Now I just need to study it to understand it.

Do you think it’s possible to add more description on what things do? Right now I’m having difficulty trying to add this to my player.

EDIT: I have also noticed that this Light Test example doesn’t play well with other lights in the scene. Any ideas?

Capture CaptureB

Would you mind upload it to here and share it though?:

Completely free, no limits, fast, no registration required but if you register you can limit access to the file as you want. The only limit is that it is can not be used for sharing illegal content.

Just to help people out there who trying to connect from the other side of the globe, the host you are currently using just doesn`t have the bandwidth but even if they do they limit the download speed to 50kb/s.

Thanks :+1:

i know, and you suggested it before to me. the issure is, the file is not around for long, so i am preferring the unlimited time > everything else.
For examples, that might have use for new GDevelopers futher down the timeline, i´ll keep the slow and sometimes unreachable sabrecat.
For bugreports, or when i just want to share a file quick to someone specific, i´ll use gofile.

you can try to fit the boarders just around the character, so that they wont cut into other lights. play around with size and position. they are unnecessarily thick.

The file is around forever if people download it frequently and the host asks for only $3 a month to keep it forever, but anyhow if you want a free and lifetime storage, why not use Google Drive, DropBox, Mega, iCloud, OneDrive then? You get 5GB storage for free and faster download than 50kb/s, 50GB storage on iCloud cost only $0.70 a month.

Yeah, it took me literally 20 minutes to download and I had to sit here and bash the download button every 15 seconds :pleading_face:

I don’t like it when people so ignorant about problems they could easily solve so without your permission since you did not include any license I have uploaded for the future GD users to my Google Drive:

Hope you don’t mind it, though I don’t really care just like you :sweat_smile:

no, i dont mind, in fact, i appreaciate it, thank you.

I think i have to explain my situation for you, so you stop wondering:
first, the files will never be frequently downloaded, thats certain.
I do not have ANY income, and do not plan on changing that. so even 1cent would be too much to ask of me, no bankaccounts at all, and i am not going to change that.
second, i do not have a google account and do not want one. same goes for facebook.
I know that you still dont really understand, but i live a life outside the system, wandering around europe as a backpacker and i just so happend that i overwintered here in sweden, and it looks like i´ll stay here for another winter.
So with no recources or datas available, i´ll stick with sabrecat.

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Though you are still connected even if anonymously and your situation sounds like one that certainly require a reliable cloud storage but I don’t judge you I don’t have Facebook and I have multiple google accounts for personal, business and everyday use exactly to limit the ability of Google to track me around and I also don’t use Chrome for that very reason, I do know that they can still track me using IP and device identifiers but I have no choice when it comes to security I trust Google the best, their data centres like prisons in the middle of nowhere. But when it comes to privacy I don’t trust Google or Microsoft, the only company I trust is Apple but being a closed system is a two edged sword.

i should have mentioned that i also do not have a phone number, which is required for a google account…

You still have an email though, it is required to register here. I believe you can register on Mega with just an email and apparently they give 50GB storage free but they are going to delete your data if you lose access and need to reset the password through email. But if you lose access even to your email account and you don’t have a phone, they give you a key (a very long string) that you can use to reset password if you forget without losing any data and without require any email or phone so before you register you need to think about where you going to store this key.

I know you won’t register, just sharing ideas because even if you living from your backpack and live a nomad life and don’t want to be tracked, I can hardly imagine there is nothing you want to store online if you are connected to the internet and downloading software and making games and art, but this sabrecathost is just a pain… You must be having a personal storage that you don’t want to use here you just moking me now :grinning: Anyway, good luck with your nomad life style, but one thing you might want to consider if all this is true, it is going to be very difficult to publish a commercial game like that but of course you don’t want to I know :wink: