Lighting broken after update

All of the light objects no longer display lights as of the recent update. Anyone experience this?

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my lights are working fine after update, maybe check if “Lighting Layer” is visible or hidden?
check in events if you missed something. it might not be update to blame :smiley:

Yeah, it’s the actual light objects rather than the light layer. They’re not even editable anymore…

Edit, it looks like the light object has been deleted off of all my scene objects.


May i suggest something? If lighting is not a mechanic but rather an aesthetic in your game, you can still replace all lights with simple blurred circle, and maybe play with effects in object properties, maybe it has some blend mode there, to look like it’s glowing. Or you can add light flickering animation, by changing object opacity from 255 to 0, and repeat from 0 to 255. Loop it.
I dont know how far your game has progressed, but try to make some compromise if available

The engine will never delete an object. I suggest checking the texture of the light object properties.

I have no idea what happened. I just repasted the object from an older build of the game and it fixed the issue. Still a mystery what happened. But thanks everyone for the help.