i like what is being done with as a gdevelop-centric arcade.

only thing that is sorely needed is a rating system for games. popularity by number of plays is ok, a star rating and comments system would be better.

still very happy that this exists though, and hopeful it will grow.


Hello @RagnarRandom glad you like it!

We want these features too, we have these ones on your roadmap.
Don’t hesitate to continue your feedbacks :wink:

Some ideas I’ve had:

  • A menu of links of categories (rather than having to scroll down to see each category)
  • Ability to sort games (by name, no. plays, date added/updated, etc.)
  • Ability to filter games (by platform, category, etc.)
  • Ability to search for games

Is this website open source, so we can contribute to it, submit bug reports, etc.? Or just do all that through this forum?

Also, maybe a longer-term goal could be to enable accounts/logins as an easier way to submit and manage your games. This’d also mean users could then create lists of their favourite games.

I’m also getting the following error when trying to submit feedback:

An error occured while sending your feedback. Retry later.

Thx for these ideas!
At the moment Liluo is in a v1.
All these things will happen in the future.

The source code of isn’t open-source, sadly no one can help to code on it.

I’m also getting the following error when trying to submit feedback:

A few people have reported an error when adding more than 500 characters.
We are aware of this bug and we will fix it.
Is this the same problem you are facing?

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Seems like it. I was trying to post ~750 characters.

I’m deploying a fix so that much more than 750 characters can be sent :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting this!

Thank you also for the other suggestion. I hope we’ll be able to do these in the next months.