Link to events don't saved

Like I saw: when I add a link to external events I haven’t problems, but when I add a link with limits (only events from “x” to “y”) and save it’s ok, I close the project, open it again… and the limits in the link are reseted :frowning:

EDIT: Maybe the problem isn’t saving, is opening projects. I don’t made a test but saving the link with limits in the new version, and then opening the project with an old GD version the limits would be saved (so the problem is opening projects with the new version), otherway is saving :neutral_face:

Indeed, the loading was not correctly made, I’ve fixed that. Thanks.

Note that most of the time, it is better to include all events, as it allows you to make change in the linked scene ( or in the linked external events ) without having to update the number of the events to include.

That is true, but I have to live with the consequences for gain some space (10 bytes :slight_smile: ), because in some Links I need every events but in others I only need some of them, for not make a new external event I use limits.

PD: More than once the scene fails on my predictions, I become crazy searching WHY DON’T WORK!!!.. and finally (after some hours) I find that I changed some events of an external event and I didn’t update the link that connect it with my scene… :blush: