Link Tools only showing odd numbers

I’m trying to use this example to do my game City Builder, but only some especific positions of a square works and sometimes they show only odd or pair numbers

This are the prints from my code

I can’t figure out what’s wrong

edit: I just checked the link on my PC and the images do allow you to zoom. For some reason, it didn’t zoom on my phone. I’ll look at the code.

Welcome. I’m having trouble reading your events, the images are really small. I know they restrict new users to only 1 picture but it’s best to post the pictures here and/or use larger images.

I noticed the example is in isometric format and yours looks to be a rectangular grid. I’m wondering if you’re setting up the grid using the isometric action or the rectangular grid. That might explain why everything isn’t being linked. This is just a guess.

edit: I looked at the events. I honestly don’t understand this part of the extension. I’m more familiar with moving. I still wonder if the issue is the previously mentioned grid linking and whether it uses isometric versus rectangular. Otherthan that I’m not sure if I can help.