Linked Object Bug

So what suppose to happen here is that The Purple Bloxk With blue box below it in each grid is Called “Wall” and for each wall created its create Object Called GridCollision(The Blue Box), and then linked to wall. so whenever a wall is destroyed, take account all GridCollison linked to Wall then destroy GridCollision and Wall.

but what happen now is whenever a wall is destroyed, this red message appear and The linked object(GridCollision) is not destroyed/deleted. <----This The Bug
Note: Im Not Using Any JavaScript.

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What are the extensions or behaviours that you use on your objects?
Are you using something like FlexContainer and Items to make the wall? or are they just regular sprites with no behaviours?

Have you tried doing it in different ways to see if the problem still happens? Like the order of deleting objects and things like that.

the wall only use Tween and i have snap to grid installed that used by the wall and tower. i tried deleted the tween behaviour but same thing still occur. then i tried deleting the wall with the tween and the message still appearing(Sometime).

i also got a message i forgot to capture, saying that the tween behavior having an error, its say something about tween manager at js…something something…

turn out this is a problem for me.

but have you tried chaging the order in which stuff gets deleted?

Couse it seems like your deleting something, and then the engine tries to check for it and its not there, thats what i get from it.

Maybe delete the stuff thats linked first and then delete the block that everything is linked to.

As in your linking the blocks, but theres one thats being linked, and one thats being linked to.

Maybe by changing the order of that it will help.

ALSO in the same vain as that, add a “Wait X Seconds” before deleting, this will slow down the engine and give it time to process before deleting things.

Something like…

Take Link into account
Delete Object
Wait 0.06 Seconds
Delete Object (the one stuff is linked to)

Try stuff like that, im sure it will help, otherwise its an engine thing.

i did what you said, and its remain the same. im sure its just engine bug because what else? i didn’t use Java script and as i remember its happen after an update i dont remember which one. so thank you for your help. as for now ill just wait or maybe just porting my game to other engine. once again thank you

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Please take a screenshot of the events creating the links and the ones removing the objects. It will help to understand what happens.

sure, here:

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another one:

Can you test it without the wait action before the delete tower? It’s tough to get a full view of the process. I’m curious if the wait action can execute multiple times and create a build up or buffer that then happens delayed and sort of out of sequence later.

I can’t tell if that’s an issue but I’d like to rule it out.

already did, infact i just recently add the wait action. and both react the same. something i can’t figure is that sometime it happen randomly, not immediately.

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It can be tough to narrow things down.

@RACTS Can you send me the project folder by DM? I’ll try to modify it to understand what exactly triggers the error.

@RACTS You can trust davy, hes the man!

I sent him my stuff when i was having a big issue with memory leak and he worked it out pretty quick <3

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what’s your Discord ID?

I’m in the staff section on the top: