[Linux] GDevelop crashes **after** modifying events

[size=150]If GDevelop crashes just after modifying some events or when launching a preview, [/size]

This can be caused by a memory corruption from a library used by GDevelop.

To solve it, you need to edit the start script of GDevelop to enable a safer memory allocator. If the memory corruption was really the root of the bug, then GDevelop will stop crashing but its performances will be a bit reduced (not that much however).

[size=125]Editing the starting script[/size]
To do after every update of GDevelop !
Open a terminal and go to the folder where GDevelop is installed (/opt/gdevelop by default). Then, launch this command to edit the script:

sudo nano ./StartGDevelop.sh

This should ask your password, enter it (needed because the file is protected)

In the file, replace all the occurences of “./GDIDE” with:


Save the file and quit nano (by doing Ctrl + X and then press O).

Launch GDevelop again. If it was the memory corruption causing the crash, then, everything should work.

Note: this is only a workaround, that’s why this modification is not included in the official GDevelop package. The real cause of the bug is actively researched.