[Linux only]Help browser don't work correctly

When I try to open help in GD, here’s what I getting:

However Wine’s help browser which I have binded to chm files does the trick so it’s more like inconvenience rather than real issue.

Now I know that CHM files are just bunch of HTML files converted to one file as I made some of those in the past for my own programs, so here’s proposed solution: Instead of using CHM file, why just don’t leave help in pure HTML form and call default web browser (it’s safe to assume that everyone has some web browser) or embed webkit into GD and make it into internal browser (help would be in HTML form so we won’t get empty issue if it’ll be done correctly).

When I ask the help authoring program I use to write the help to generate HTML files, the images are unfortunately converted to BMP and the documentation folder size is about 40 mb (!).
In fact, there were some effort made to move the help to the wiki ( wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/en … umentation ) but it is a work in progress.

I’ll try to find a solution, it seems that the latest version of the wxWidgets toolkit used by GD is now offering a good internal browser wrapper.

About making help, you should be good with any given WYSIWYG HTML editor, like Kompozer/Nvu. There you writing help like you would using e.g. Word. The only thing you should care about then are links to other html files of help and to images. They must be relative.