List of what I need to make a fnaf fan game

Can someone give me a list of what I need to make a fnaf fan game? Please.

did you already search a bit? It seems there are a few tutorials at youtube. For example this series here:

Even if you don’t want to follow along and maybe some of the code is not working any more, you can definitely make a list of mechanics and try to implement them.

Could you make a list please?

What stops you to make the list yourself? Just check the videos, write down the different components/mechanics and try to implement them one by one. You could even try ChatGPT for generating a list. Maybe it produces something useful.

I assume that you want to make a game by yourself and thinking about the different mechanics you need is part of that. If that’s already too much, you are probably not getting very far.

If you prefer to let other people work for you, you could ask here in the forum. I am quite sure someone would do that - as long as the payment is okay.

Alright. I’ll make the list. In pixel studio. And have there be Elairyx’s logo in it so he can get my attention. I want to have a face chat with him.

I just realized that Elairyx is a forum user. You could just send them a personal message. Not sure if they are still around though. Their last activity is from 2022. But anyway, if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

How do I do that? How do I send them a personal message? And, go check there channel out, you’ll see that he’s back.

You can search for the user in the forum and if you click their logo, this window pops up:

As you see, there is a blue message button.

I tried that, it didn’t work. Can you show me. Video of it Please?

You want me to make a video of how to send a message to another forum member? Obviously you know how to post stuff here in the forum so I am pretty sure you can figure that out yourself.