Litle Bird Hunter

Hi, I just published my first game on, it’s a very simple game, you just have to kill the birds. I’m not a professional, nor have I spent a lot of time on the game, so it’s nothing special, but I liked how it turned out. Here’s the link: Little bird hunter | Play on
(Note: If you go to my profile, there are some games that are in my name, but I didn’t create them)

Sorry for the bad english, I’m using my knowledge and google translator


Hi Arthur_Kdss, cute game and that’s great you have the birds moving at different speeds and heights, well done.

I played a few times but unfortunately my name didn’t get stored, so my highest score (6) is just with a system name while my Bubble score is an even worse 3, haha.

Let us know if you add any improvements to it as you learn things.

I think it’s working now. Your high score is still with a system name, but now, if you enter a name, it will always be there when you enter with the same device. (If I understood correctly that was your problem… right? My english is not perfect…)

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