Live game not working as it does in preview

Recently made a new game and it runs as I want it to in preview, but the live game is very slow and my background is completely missing! Any suggestions on what to do?

Stackr | Play on Link to my game

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I tried it and it seems to be working fine, wasn’t slow at all and there was definitely a background. Are you still having issues? Fun game btw :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! Somehow seems to be working fine for me now too. Were you playing on desktop or mobile?

I was on desktop. Does it still not work on mobile?

the background is there and the game runs smoothly, but as the already stacked blocks start to disappear from the screen, this happens much slower than on desktop, causing newly created blocks to collide with the stacked ones sideways without any actions from the player.

If you are playing on mobile, your background is likely way too big and blocked by the GPU. Your images should generally be <1000px in dimensions for performance and <2000px to work at all on many mobile devices.

Mobile devices are also not PCs and as such are much less performant, which could lead to performance problems. For rendering performance, make sure you avoid objects other than the sprite objects when possible and to use small images (the same big image cut up into smaller images will be more performant). You can also use the profiler with a network preview to see which events are lagging your game and try to optimize these.

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