Loading Screen Android

Hello, the new update is officially available. Unfortunately, the problem with the loading screen for the Android build has apparently not been fixed yet. Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with GitHub. Does anyone know if the problem is being worked on?
Thanks in advance.

Maybe I gave too little information.
My problem is the same as in the thread:

Black Cordova Screen Android export

If you manually create a “cordova” build is the same problem?
Sorry that I opened a separate thread.

I was hoping that the update might have fixed this problem. Too bad.

This new Android loading icon can be customised in the app, in the “Icons and thumbnails” window, since version 5.0.140 (released in August):

If you let it empty, you will get this default icon.

This was this line in the changelog (even though I agree it was a bit hidden amongst the other improvements):

Ah, well it works. After the Android 12 loading screen comes the regular loading screen image. So the loading progress bar is gone? At least it doesn’t work anymore. I could just remove the regular image.

I’ve tried it a bit (Android Build) and I have to say that it’s not very good. The custom image is obviously better than the Cordova logo. But in principle it is only covered by its own image. And the size is not good. You can’t use a decent title or loading image. It’s just too small for that. And the loading screen has actually completely lost its purpose. It loads while the Cordova or Custom Image is displayed. When the game has been loaded into memory, the loading screen is displayed for a short moment (by loading screen I mean the screen set under -Game settings -Properties -Loading Screen)
Sure, I know you could extend the time on the loading screen afterwards, but I don’t think that’s a good thing. The user waits for the game to load and has to wait again. I think the loading screen option should be done away with altogether. Doesn’t make a lot of sense like that. All of this is probably not possible any other way because of the integration of Cordova, that’s clear to me. In the game itself, you can rather make the menus more loving. But most of the other innovations are really great.
You are doing a great job. Please continue.