Look what did I find...

My old MMF2 game!
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/210 … erBeta.exe

It has only two levels (not counting bonus room) and I probably lost sources but if you like it, I may remake it in GD.

No interest? Really?

I played it and didn’t comment anything hehehe :unamused:

I think it’s good (I don’t like the idea of ​​killing penguins, still less with Windows logos, but I can tolerate it :wink: )

Only one detail-question: When you jump… the logos are fired from the head? (I guess MMF2 support points in animations, because if you don’t jump, you fire from the hands)

Yeah, but MMF2’s animation points sometimes worked wonky in a version I used for this, so it wasn’t always fired from exact spot. I’ve got bored (had no idea for design of 3rd level) and now I probably lost sources (will check my dropbox, but I think I don’t have it anymore) so it won’t be fixed.