Looking for AMD Vega 56 or 64 users : crashes on fullscreen previews


Since i’ve recently upgraded my computer with a Vega 56 GPU, using GD5 in preview in fullscreen mode just lead to a BSOD.
I have no troubles at all in anything else with this new hardware, and surprisingly, it’s occuring only on previews, with fullscreen actived.
If the preview isn’t in fullscreen, no problem, and if the game is exported to desktop (windows executable), there is no problem at all (fullscreen or not, everything just runs fine).

More about the issue : in the first seconds of fullscreen, the image start to flicker, then black lines start to appears and flash on the screen, the mouse and the game become laggy with a huge fps drop… and it crashes the whole computer.

I’m using windows 10, and the last “adrenalin” amd drivers.

Since there is no report at all on github on this issue, i’m looking for other GD5 user with same Vega hardware… i want to know if the issue can be reproduced, or if i’m alone (with a potential hardware problem).

For troubleshooting, have you tried the browser version of GD5?
Also, can you confirm that the problem occurs with one of the examples?

I’ll test as soon as possible with online version (and i’ll try with a local dev environment).
Yes it occures with every projects, even examples or empty projects.

It seems better since 19.3.3 drivers came out, no more BSOD at this point, but some weird artifacts in preview and fullscreen on.

Right now, new issue : 144hz monitor :stuck_out_tongue: