Looking for characters to add to game (Collab)

I’m working on an upcoming fighting game like, Super Smash Bros. or Rivals of Aether, showcasing different characters and I want to add in some other characters from games made by other creators. If you have any suggestions please post them down below. This would be a collab.


It must be your character

Give me your name on GDevelop (so I can confirm it’s your game)

Give me the name of the character and the game they are from

Some things about the character

Also if you can give me some info for a stage like the character’s story or what the game is about.

And if you can provide music from the game.

If you can draw the sprites yourself you can.

If you accept one of the slots you will get a character and stage in the game, your name in the credits and for the 1st, Discord Nitro.

There are only 8 slots for possible characters so make sure to hurry.

Slots close on 9/26/2023.


If you want a collaboration than say collaboration and specify whether this is fan made for personal use or you plan on compensating them for their hard work.

Otherwise, I would use the store or some other method that is either copyright free or licensable.

Edit: I saw your edit. Better :v:

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