Looking for characters to add to game (Collab)

I’m working on an upcoming fighting game like, Super Smash Bros. or Rivals of Aether, showcasing different characters and I want to add in some other characters from games made by other creators. If you have any suggestions please post them down below. This would be a collab.


It must be your character

Give me your name on GDevelop (so I can confirm it’s your game)

Give me the name of the character and the game they are from

Some things about the character

Also if you can give me some info for a stage like the character’s story or what the game is about.

And if you can provide music from the game.

If you can draw the sprites yourself you can.

If you accept one of the slots you will get a character and stage in the game, your name in the credits and for the 1st, Discord Nitro.

There are only 8 slots for possible characters so make sure to hurry.

Slots close on 9/26/2023.


If you want a collaboration than say collaboration and specify whether this is fan made for personal use or you plan on compensating them for their hard work.

Otherwise, I would use the store or some other method that is either copyright free or licensable.

Edit: I saw your edit. Better :v:

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Is your game completed yet?

No, but make sure to look out for it in November.

I actually thought someone would reply to this but they didn’t…

When it’s done, give me the link, thank you


Hello, I just have friendly characters, who can’t fight… But you have a nice idea, don’t give up.

I could imagine that creators who decided to collaborate with your project want to see their characters in a good spotlight, because in some way: your game could act as a form of advertisement for other games.

Nonetheless maybe you could post some screenshots of your game to attract collaborations with other creators here. With screenshots it is easier to understand what quality your game has.

Good luck with your project.

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Here is your Character


Alright sure, why not

Thanks, I’m still working on it and it will be ready in November some time

what does the character do and what can they do?

Character Name: “Fenrir,|the Lone Wolf|”

Backstory: Fenrir is a legendary lone wolf known for their exceptional prowess in both hunting and battle. They come from a mystical and secluded forest where they have been revered as a guardian and protector of the wilderness. When a great evil threatens their home, Fenrir embarks on a quest to safeguard their territory and maintain the balance of nature.


  1. Pack Leader’s Roar: Fenrir can let out a powerful roar that can inspire and buff allies while intimidating and debuffing enemies. This ability can also be used to reveal hidden traps or paths in the environment.
  2. Lunar Swipe: With their razor-sharp claws, Fenrir delivers swift and precise melee attacks, dealing significant damage to foes in close combat.
  3. Moonlit Pounce: Fenrir can leap at their enemies with remarkable speed and force, covering a considerable distance in the blink of an eye. This ability is perfect for initiating combat or escaping danger.
  4. Wild Instincts: As their ultimate ability, Fenrir taps into their primal instincts, temporarily transforming into a more formidable and fearsome version of themselves. In this state, their strength, speed, and resilience are greatly enhanced.
  5. Shadowstep: Fenrir can meld with the shadows, becoming nearly invisible and allowing them to pass through obstacles and sneak up on enemies. This ability is ideal for stealthy approaches and surprise attacks.
  6. Frostbite Fangs: Fenrir’s bite carries a chilling effect that can slow down and weaken enemies. When Fenrir bites an opponent, they become vulnerable to additional damage for a short duration.
  7. Nature’s Resilience: Fenrir can tap into the regenerative powers of nature, gradually restoring their health over time. This ability can be a valuable survival tool during prolonged battles.
  8. Spirit of the Pack: Fenrir summons spectral wolf spirits to fight alongside them. These spirits can be directed to attack enemies or defend allies, adding a strategic element to Fenrir’s playstyle.
  9. Moonlit Howl (Ultimate Ability): Fenrir releases a devastating howl that invokes the power of the moon. This ability causes the environment to transform, granting temporary advantages to Fenrir and their allies. For instance, the moonlit landscape may enhance movement speed, damage output, or grant an aura of healing to allies within its radius.

Nice, thanks a lot for the info

is there a way i can still submit a character or is it to late i am making a game and wanted my character in the game

sure it’s not too late, actually the game would have been out by now but my laptop broke and then there are so many bugs for me to fix so I can put in one more character

player transformered idle
(sorry if the sprites are to small)
his name is buffy ball he is a mutated ball (like kirby) and he has the ability to transform into a ball or a little demon in ball form he can jump higher and in demon form he can attack. in his game (buffy ball’s quest) he dodges spikes and other little demons to beat each level
(the game is not done yet but it will be soon)

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also in demon mode he falls slower

Asmodel Germael Gerald
I don’t know if this is over, but I have a submission. His name is Asmodel, and he is an angel who has been forced to do bidding of a very powerful demon. The player in my game releases him from the demon’s grasp and Asmodel helps you, the player, escape and kill the powerful demon. Sorry I have no music or anything else.
He mostly casts light abilities, like, magic missile or something. he also can stun players and teleport to certain places. He lives in a small hellish dungeon. that’s where he’s stored.
(Sorry, I don’t have animations for him. The game is a turn-based fighting game, so there’s really no animations. The game is also not finished yet as well.)

I might be able to add him, I’ll have to check since a lot of submissions are coming in but I’ll see if I have room