Looking for high quality sprite fonts

Hi all.

Looking for some high quality sprite fonts that looks like fridge magnets.
I have something like this in mind:

The above image is NOT free to use, you must pay for a license / project.
I’m looking for something of similar quality but without restrictions on commercial use and I also need the numbers 0-9 included. If it would be designed to be “game-ready” and all letters and numbers would be included in a sprite sheet and individual PNG would also not hurt.

If someone would know any source I can get such high quality game ready sprites or image, and share the link here I would appreciate the help.
I don’t mind if I need to pay for it $5-$10 but it must be free to use after that in any number of commercial projects without restrictions.


Have you tried Magnets Fonts | FontSpace ?
Dingbats - Free Fonts | FontSpace

You can apply a filter for allowing commercial use. Unfortunately, the quality is a bit questionable…

Thanks a lot for the links.

I was looking in to fonts but the problem is that I would like to really go for this 3D realistic look and feel like on the image I have linked. So the best option is using sprites but it seems no 2D artist on the planet ever considered to make such sprites and share it at least not in such quality I’m looking for and not with a permissive license.
I mean it fine if I need to pay to use it but paying for a license / project / computer / person…etc for an image or sprite I think it crazy.

Did also find some pixel art and vector graphics sprites too but it is not what I need.

You’re welcome. Yeah, I doubt you’ll find a font that you wouldn’t have to edit even a little bit for the look you want (i.e., adding shadows, bringing out highlights, etc). Good luck!

I believe the font used in the pic are a variant or modified form of “Alpha Fridge Magnets” by Gaut Fonts. It’s free for commercial and non-commercial use. Not sure if you can use this, but i tried to make this as close as possible to the pic:

The first set are using Cooper Std Black from Adobe systems. I believe you can use it in this modified format freely so long as the font is not distributed.

Here’s the zip to the fonts as well as the PSD file.

Use it freely for any purpose as CC0.

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Thanks for sharing, these fonts are looks really nice. :+1:

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I forgot to add numbers :grin:


Use it freely for any purpose as CC0.