Looking to hire a gdeveloper to make me a game

First off, I know that gdevelop is a tool for people to design their own games but with the timescale that this project has I’d like to work with someone who already knows it inside out.


  • Create a simple platformer that looks very similar to Chuckie Egg (Play)
  • Host the game somewhere so that people can access and play it.

I’d be looking to have the game ready for the end of next week.

Of course I would pay for the work.

DM me or message me here if you have other questions. Thanks!

I’m at your service :slight_smile:

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Thanks I’ve just messaged you.

Hi there sir.
Am I to understand you do G-develop projects? I would like a hand with some small educational games I am making for students. Many thanks

Sure, I can help you. May I ask what type of games would you like to create (e.g. platformer or top-down)